Winter League Leaderboard After Week 13 and Playoff – Sponsor Whiskey Joes Pub, Finbar Drayne

Winter league 2015 2016 WK 13

Hi All,

The six top placed teams get bonus points. These bonus points will be added to their playoff team score. E.g. as below;
Qualifying Team 1st – 6pts
Qualifying Team 2nd – 5 pts
Qualifying Team 3rd – 4 pts
Qualifying Team 4th – 3 pts
Qualifying Team 5th – 2 pts
Qualifying Team 6th – 1 pts
Qualifying Team 7th – 0 pts
Qualifying Team 8th – 0 pts

These play-off rules are the same as previous years. 16 Holes. The format for the finals is the same as the previous rounds but with the best four cards counting to make an aggregate total score. In the event of a tie, the 5th card will determine the winner and if the teams are still tied then the 6th card will determine the winner.

Note that re-entry is not permitted in the final weekend and practice on the course is strictly prohibited.
The play off is the weekend of March 12th and 13th.
Team Prizes:
There will be prizes for the winners and runners up in the Winter League Final.

The Winter League Committee will decide all disputes and the decision of the committee will be final.

Best of luck to all teams who qualified,
Thanks to all who played in the winter league and for your support,
Best Regards,
The Winter League Committee.

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