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Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 9 Results

Results Week 9

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 8 Results

Results Week 8

Connacht Golf Press Release

Connacht Golf Press Release

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 7 Results

Results Week 7

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 6 Results

Results Week 6

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 5 Results

Results Week 5

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 4 Results

One of the things you are taught when growing up is to always listen to your father, he knows best. Well as we know not everybody does that. Isn’t that right Martin Blake! You see Martin picked Watford this week while Brendan picked Arsenal. Brendan is safely through to week 5, while Martin is left listening to Johnny Logan’s “What’s another year”.  Martin wasn’t alone though as another 40 people picked Watford, who in fairness had been a bit of a form team this year, just not on Saturday.

One thing you have to do in Last person standing is not let you heart rule your head. Someone needs to tell Michael Collins that because as a red devil (Manchester Utd) supporter all his life he refuses to pick Liverpool in any of his weekly picks. I can confirm that he already has his week 5 pick submitted and surprise surprise, there’s no Liverpool again. Michael you’re a little devil.

For Teresa Hedderman the “farmers” can do no wrong these days. She is safely into week 5 thanks to her pick of Liverpool. Mean while back in the clubhouse her sister is on the war path and wants her “soccer adviser” named and shamed. I told her I couldn’t do that to Ivan and I won’t.

It was a good week for both Michael Bond and Anne Scott. Both are safely through to week 5 after picking Arsenal in week 4. Two brave picks in week 1 (West Ham) and week 2 (Swansea) by Anne have left her in a good position, with have a choice of top teams left, Michael however has used up 4 top teams so he is walking on thin ice at the moment (like a lot of other people).

The two big picks at the weekend were Liverpool (113) and Arsenal (102) both of which won, although Arsenal did make people sweat when they went a goal down early in the game. As already mentioned Watford with 41 people were the main culprits this week. As we head into week 5 we now have 249 people left. When I checked back, in 2015 we had only 48 people going into week 5 and in 2016 we had 144 people. So it seems everybody is getting better at this, well time will tell and I have a feeling week 5 will be a defining week in Loughrea Golf Club’s “Last person standing” competition.

A full set of results can be found in the below link.

Results Week 4

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 3 Results

One of the fun parts of the last person standing competition is seeing how we do against family members/friends. Well in week 3 we found out what the whole of Craughwell already knew, Rita Fallon knows more about football that her husband Pat. Rita qualified for week 4 thanks to her pick Newcastle’s win against Crystal Palace, however Pat wasn’t so lucky when he chose Manchester Utd  to win away to Huddersfield. All Rita has to do now is see off her son Dave who qualified for week 4 as well when he picked Manchester City to beat Burnley. Of course Rita wasn’t the only female to outwit her partner this week. The one and only Geraldine Keely managed to qualify for week 4 thanks to the very same Newcastle and her partner Pat Barrett went out thanks also to Manchester Utd. No doubt the two Pat’s will blame someone else, just like Jose Mourinho normally does.

Mentioning Crystal Palace and we have to mention Sharon Mooney who was the only one this week to select them to win away to Newcastle. Sharon wasn’t as lucky as Ronan Dervan last week and was knocked out. Ronan followed on from his inspired choice in week 2 (Crystal Palace to beat Chelsea) by selecting Newcastle to beat the very same Crystal Palace, which of course they did. Into week 4 Ronan goes.

Another person not too happy after this week is our very own Siobhan Geraghty. Siobhan had two picks in week 3 but poor advice from some club members, that will go un-named for now, meant that with both Stoke and Manchester Utd failing to win she will have no entries in week 4. She will be having a serious talk with a few people when she gets back from her holidays. Now her sister Theresa, who works in the local Vets has been getting her advice from the farmers, who would appear to know a bit more than the golfers as she is safely into week 4 thanks to her pick of Chelsea to win. The Hedderman’s are well represented in week 4,  actually with Theresa’s brother Padraig, father Michael and niece Sophie all still in the running after week 3.

On Saturday we had 161 people sweating on Chelsea to beat Watford at home. 2-1 down till the 71st minute they didn’t get the winner till the 87th minute so they left it late, but for the 161 people it was better late than never. Manchester Utd’s loss to Huddersfield meant we waved bye bye to 43 people. West Hams surprise loss to Brighton resulted in 27 people leaving the competition. Heading into week 4 we have 305 people left, for them the dream goes on for another week anyway.

A full set of results can be found in the below link.

Results Week 3

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 2 Results

Yesterday we might have had hurricane “Ophelia” but before that arrived we had our own little hurricane that hit Loughrea Golf Clubs “Last Person Standing”. It was called hurricane “Chelsea” and it destroyed the dreams of €1,000 for 143 people. Now it should be pointed out that Crystal Palace (who beat Chelsea) had not won a game all season, nor had them even scored a goal, so it was a reasonable enough assumption to think the league Champions would brush them aside. But reason has no place here in Last Person Standing Land. Just ask Ronan Dervan, who was the only one to pick Crystal Palace to beat Chelsea. We are not sure what he knew but we will eagerly follow his pick next week.

Another team to do damage were Arsenal. 65 people have Arsene Wenger and co to thank for their exit. One such lady was our very own Shelia Kelly. Sheila and Noel have been enjoying a recent run of good luck with our 50/50 draws but I’m afraid Sheila’s luck ran out on Saturday. Now back to the “Battle of the Derry men”. Last week we wondered who was copying who when they both picked Tottenham to win. Well our captain Frank Murray should have copied Niall McGahon this week as Niall will be in week 3 (after picking Manchester City) as opposed to Frank who can now go away on holidays without  having to worry about sending in a team for week 3, after his pick, Burnley, failed to beat West Ham. What were you thinking Frank, did nobody tell you Burnley were rubbish?

As for our previous winners well it was a bad week. One of last year’s winners, Ide Kileen exited thanks to Chelsea and our overall winner from our inaugural year in 2015, Amy Haverty went out thanks to Burnley. Her Dad Mike had a real bad weekend after he exited with Chelsea and his St Thomas’s trained team exited the hurling championship to surprise packages Killimordaly.

We would like to congratulate Noel Tierney on finally picking a premiership team, Swansea. Yes Noel, you were the one that picked Aston Villa last week. Fair play, Swansea are in the premiership for another few months anyway. Following on from Noels pick of Aston Villa, we had someone pick Germany for Week 2. I’m almost afraid to see what comes in for week 3.

And so having 700 in contention after Week 1, we have lost 298 in Week 2. So we are now down to 402 people heading into week 3. A full set of results can be found in the below link.

Results Week 2

Winter League Format & Rules 2017/2018

Winter League

Last Person Standing Results 2017/18 Week 1 Results

Loughrea Golf Club would again like to thank everybody who both sold cards and entered our last Person Standing competition. Now in its 3rd year we yet again had an amazing response from everybody. In total we had 919 entrants at the start of Saturday morning. For 219 it was to be a short journey with us, as they were eliminated at the first hurl. Picking winners isn’t as easy as it looks you know! The main culprits this week were Everton (85), Liverpool (45). Leicester City (27) and West Brom (18). The 18 who picked West Brom must feel particularly annoyed as they conceded in the 96th minute in their 2-2 draw with Watford.

Now there was one genius who picked Aston Villa to win at the weekend. ASTON VILLA……. they were relegated from the premier league two years ago. Now I won’t name the person for fear of embarrassing him but I will give some cryptic clues regarding his identity throughout this post. So if ye could “DELIVER” your answers on a “POSTCARD” please to the comments section below. Aston Villa did actually win at the weekend but this persons default team under our rules was selected for him, which is the first available team (not already selected) alphabetically, so Arsenal were automatically substituted for him. Please note if you are a qualifier and do not reply with a team for the following week then this rule will apply a team for you.

Recently we have had the pleasure of a new and much improved “happy” Ivan Healy around the club. Well that maybe short lived. Ivan sold card No 1 for us (thank you Ivan) and brought the last two lines himself. In his wisdom he chose Everton and Leicester as his picks. There won’t be any need for Ivan to send in a team next week. Ivan is in good company though; Jane Beatty a loyal Liverpool supporter all her life picked Everton as well. Now Jane you should have known better.

In the battle of the Derry men our Vice-Captain Niall McGahon picked Tottenham, as did our Captain Frank Murray. Who is copying who I wonder???

For 700 people the dream lives on for another week. A link to the full results for week 1 can be found below.

Results week 1


GOY PLATE (AFTER 10) 2017 TOP 10

GOY BEST 8 (AFTER 10) 2017 TOP 10

Winter League Final Playoff Rules and Teams

 Winter League Finals Teams

 1st     Team 9: Brendan Lyons, Adrian Finnerty, David Keane, Michael Collins, Ambrose O’Connor, ,  Finbar Drayne,

2nd     Team 1: Michael Collins,David Keane,Brendan Doran. Brendan Moran, Ambrose O’Connor, Brendan Lyons.

3rd     Team 2: John Reddin, Neil McGee, David Cronin, Patrick Larkin, Vincent Earls, Paddy McMahon.

4th     Team 16: Joe O’ Conaire ,Johnny Greally, Stiofan O’Conaire, Kevin Murphy, Michael Bond, Barry Horgan.

5th     26 Help: Johnny Greally, Des Mc Cormack, James Lyons, Oliver Lyons, Declan Keary, Adrian Callanan.

6th     Boys of the Lough: Joe O’Malley, Noel Kelly, Sean Connolly, Donal O’Flaherty, Colm Flannery, Martin Freaney

7th     Long Way From Tynagh:  Connor Donohue, Noel Tierney, Uinsinn Finn, Gerry Glynn,Tony Ryan. (Loughrea)  Barry Kearney.

8th     Team 4: Phelim Shaughnessy, Aengus O’Connell, Marcus Devine, Mark O Halloran, Albert Mannion, Eugene Kennedy.

 Final Format

Qualifying Team Scores do not carry over into the Finals. Teams are awarded bonus points determined by their qualifying position as outlined in the table above. Players again must enter the weekend 12 Hole Single Stableford Competition.

The winner will be the team with the highest score from their best four cards in the Finals plus their bonus points from their finishing position in qualifying. In the event of a tie, the 5th card will determine the winner and if the teams are still tied then the 6th card will determine the winner.

Note that for finalists, re-entry is not permitted in the winter league finals. Players may however re-enter for the normal 12 Hole S/S weekend competition. Thus, as a finalist, your first score this weekend is the score which counts for the Winter League.

Also note that practice is not permitted on the course this weekend for the Winter League Finals. Thus, finalists first time playing on the course this Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th March will and must be in their Winter League final round.

The winners will be announced with the weekend competition results.

There will be prizes for the winners and runners up in the Winter League Final.

Presentation of prizes will be on Sunday 12th March @ 5.30.

The Winter League Committee will decide all disputes and the decision of the committee will be final


Winter League Wk 12

Final qualifying for Winter League Play-offs. Top 8 teams qualify. Leader-board and scores pubished below, any errors or omissions please contact a members of the Men’s Committee.

wl12 leaderboard final qual

wl 12 scores

Winter League WK 11

Men’s Winter League table updated. With only 1 qualifying weekend left for the top 8 to go into a play-off, it is getting really tight around the cut mark.

WL2016 2017 leaderboard wl11

WL2016 2017 scores wl11

Winter League WK 10 Updated

Men’s Winter League table updated. Due to the course closed on Sunday 5th February, and in accordance with the Winter League Rules, the number of discounted weekends has been increased from 3 to 4.

WL2016 2017 update wl10 leaderboard

WL2016 2017 update wl10 scores

Winter League WK 9 Updated

WL2016 2017 update wl9 leaderboard

WL2016 2017 update wl9 scores

Winter League WK 8

Winter League leaderboard and scores on link below. Any errors or omissions please contact a member of the Men’s Committee

WL2016 2017 update wl8 leaderboard

WL2016 2017 update wl8 scores

Winter League WK 7

Winter League leaderboard and scores on link below. Any errors or omissions please contact a member of the Men’s Committee

Winter League Week 7 Leaderboard

Winter League Week 7 Scores

Winter League WK 6

Winter League leaderboard and scores on link below. Any errors or omissions please contact a member of the Men’s Committee

Winter League Week 6 Leaderboard

Winter League Week 6 Scores

Winter League WK4 – 5

Winter League leaderboard and scores on link below. Any errors or omissions please contact a member of the Men’s Committee.

Winter League Week 5 Leaderboard

Winter League Week 5 Scores

Winter League  WK3

Winter League leaderboard and scores on link below. Any errors or omissions please contact a member of the Men’s Committee.

Winter league 2016 2017 wk3 leader board

Winter league 2016 2017 wk3 scores


Last Person Standing Results Week 8 Results

In life you need a bit of luck and for 2 of our remaining people they certainly had it on Saturday. Tottenham were 2-1 down with 89 mins gone. Not to worry though, there was still plenty time to score 2 goals and Harry Kane obliged and netted twice in the final 2 mins for Tottenham to win 3-2. We lost one person this week that had placed his hopes on Everton but alas it was not to be. Our final person had Chelsea who worked hard for a 1-0 away at Middlesbrough. And so into Week 9 and with only have 3 people standing, the end is near.

So please click on the link below to see all the results from Week 8

Results Week 8

Last Person Standing Results Week 7 Results

The end comes quick they say and so it looks like with our last person standing competition. After Saturday’s games we had lost all 12 people who had teams playing that day. Manchester City and Bournemouth doing all the damage. Manchester City’s draw was particularly heart breaking as they conceded in the 90th minute to knock out 7 people.
And so with only 9 left on Sunday another 5 departed. Two people selected Liverpool to win and boy did they win in style and another 2 made the brave decision and picked Manchester Utd to win and for only the 2nd week (out of 7) in our last Person standing competition they did. Maybe Jose is special after all.

Here are a few facts from Week 7.

1. We had 21 teams entered for Week 7.
2. We lost 17 teams on our seventh week so we will have only 4 going into Week 8.
3. We have one club member left in the competition out of the 4 people so I hope I haven’t jinxed him like I did with Mike last week.

So please click on the link below to see all the results from Week 7

Week 7 Results

Last Person Standing Results Week 6 Results

There was only one team in town this week and they left a trial of red destruction after them. Jose Jose Jose, what are you doing. Manchester Utd at home to Burnley, easy peasy said 47 people. Well bye bye those 47 along with another 4. We are now at the business end of things and with only 21 people left one of them is a little closer to the €1,000 Jackpot. Will they have it before Christmas, well that’s the €1,000 question isn’t it.

Here are a few facts from Week 6.

1. We had 72 teams entered for Week 6.
2. We lost 51 teams on our sixth week so we will have 21 going into Week 7.
3. We may have lost last year’s winner but her Dad Mike is still in the running. He can train hurling teams to County senior titles but apparently he must know a thing or two about football as well.

So please click on the link below to see all the results from Week 6

Results Week 6

Last Person Standing Results Week 5 Results

It was a “blue” weekend for a lot of people this week, especially if you selected the blue of either Everton (27 people) or Manchester City (15 people) to win. But 1 person did select a blue team that did win at the weekend. Well done to Kozmel Gaue who knew that Chelsea would have no problem taking care of the “special one” on his return to Stamford Bridge. With 72 people remaining after Week 5 the ladies are still well represented. We have 22 of them still in the running. Will history repeat itself and will the last person standing be a woman again this year? Who knows.

Here are a few facts from Week 5.

1. We had 144 teams entered for Week 5.
2. We lost 72 teams on our fifth week so we will have 72 going into Week 6.
3. The “I’m so lucky” award for Week 5 goes to the 5 people who for 3 weeks running now have failed to reply to our text and had Arsenal allocated to them for the first week, Bournemouth for the second week and Burnley this week. Your luck will eventually run out though.
4. The “Most loved team” award goes to West Ham with 34 people backing them to beat Sunderland. What a turn around for the Hammers as nobody selected them to win in Week 4.
5. The “Nobody loves me” award is shared this week between 6 teams. Manchester Utd (the less said the better), Sunderland, West Brom, Middlesbrough, Southampton and Hull who were selected by nobody to win their games. And none of them did.

So please click on the link below to see all the results from Week 5

Week 5 results

Last Person Standing Results Week 4 Results

The two big disappointments this week were served up by Manchester City (selected by 27 people) and Tottenham (selected by 34) who both looked to be sure things to win; well in Last person standing there’s no such thing as a sure thing.
With 4 teams unavailable to everyone now it’s getting more difficult to pick winners. Please note that if you select the same team twice (or fail to select any team) then under competition rules the first available alphabetically team that you have not already picked will be allocated to you for that week.

Here are a few facts from Week 4.

1. We had 224 teams entered for Week 4.
2. We lost 80 teams on our fourth week so we will have 144 going into Week 5.
3. The “I’m so lucky” award for week 4 goes to the 10 people who for 2 weeks have failed to reply to our text and had Arsenal allocated to them for the first week and Bournemouth for the second week. With the “mighty Burnley” the next team due to be allocated let’s see how lucky ye are next week.
4. The “Most loved team” award goes to Arsenal with 57 people backing them to beat Swansea, followed by Southampton with 37.
5. The “Nobody loves me” award is shared this week between 8 teams. Everton, Swansea, West Ham, Burnley, Watford, West Brom, Middlesbrough, and Hull who were selected by nobody to win their games. Watford and West Ham actually did win.

So please click on the link below to see all the results from Week 4

Week 4 results

Last Person Standing Results Week 3 Results

And what a week it was. With draws galore it was not a good week for last Person standing people unless you selected Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham. The standout shock again came from “the special one” Jose Mourinho and Manchester Utd, with 210 people (myself included) sure that they would beat Stoke easily. Well that didn